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post game wrap up. >> jim, do you have some upcoming tour dates? >> i do. have i two. i will be hitting home runs at the funny bone on saturday. it is sold out, of course. and then april 11th through the 14th in the big apple. >> nice, excellent. >> the big apple. >> liz, what are you working on? >> fat cat school superintendents will get paid more than their state governors. school superintendent half a billion bucks more. for doing what? joy i am not covering this. -- >> i am not covering this. >> it is a giant cat. they are running our schools. >> giant cheshire cat.
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>> yes, i have something coming up. i will try to scoop her on that one. >> super cats. why are they super? >> why are they fat? >> cautious. . >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> my father came from cuba. he had been in prison. he had been tortured in cuba and he came to texas with nothing, with $100 in his underwear didn't speak a word of english. >> senator ted cruz telling the world that america is still the land of opportunity. but that description may be in danger according to the senator. we'll have a special report. >> guys like huffington post, you guys [bleep] line up behind me people. let me tell you something, you guys all have blood on your hands. >> bill: adam carolla striking about people calling him a racist. that accusation grossly unfair. carolla will be here this evening. [bagpipes]
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>> happy saint patrick's day. >> happy saint patrick's day. the best irish day of the year. >> bill: also jesse watters on the loose on saint patrick's day. >> who is the most famous irish guy in america right now? >> right now cardinal dollan. >> what about bill o'reilly? >> bill: watters world upcoming. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone, the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. is america still the land of opportunity? that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. as alert americans well know, president obama is trying to fundamentally change the u.s.a. he sees our system as basically unfair. and wants to provide more services and money to those who don't have very much. the republican party says the president's social justice outlook is damaging the freezing rain structure of the country.
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high taxation and high debt are holding back the economy and the g.o.p. believes mr. obama is creating a nation at war with itself. the affluent vs. the nonaffluent. over the weekend senator ted cruze of texas, a conservative, delivered a very emotional speech at cpac. >> my father came from cuba. he had been in prison. he had been tortured in cuba. and he came to texas with nothing, with 100 in his underwear. didn't speak a word of english. washed dishes making 50 cents an hour. in someone had came up to that 18-year-old kid avenue as he was washing dishes and suggested to him that 55 years hence his son would be sworn into office as a united states senator representing the great state of texas. [ applause ]
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that would have been unimaginable. >> now mr. cruze says his dad made it on his own without government assistance. he worked hard and provide for his family and now his son has achieved the american dream. that's the way this country is supposed to work. but president obama himself has a very compelling story to tell. his father abandoned him. he was raised primarily by his maternal grandparents in hawaii. he had few resources. yet, barack obama rose up to become the most powerful man in the world, a stunning achievement. how much the system helped mr. obama is unknown as his college records have been kept private. we don't know the extent of affirmative action. we don't know how much the government subsidized his climb to the top. it would be very helpful to have that information simply to be fair to the president and his vision there is no president obama believes his discuss is is due to government that goes to the famous line "you didn't build that."
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so the battle lines are now drawn between senator cruise who believes in the free market and small government and president obama who wants the government partially regulate the economy and is trying to impose a giant co-loss us is in washington. that's the struggle that we the american people are enduring right now. in the end there will be no compromise. one side or the other is going to have to prevail and that's the memo. top story tonight reaction joining us from washington is mary katharineham and juan williams both a fox news analyst. juan, i assume you are on the big government side. >> you are right mr. o'reilly. >> well, you just want to is sit there and look dopey or tell me why. >> typically you say to me give me a one word answer please you. yes, i'm on the side of big government in this instance activist government just recently got this country out of recession. i think they bailed out wall street and wall street right now is doing very well for a lot of people who have investments, pensions, so that's good
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news. i think an activist government is responsible for helping out america's seniors. when you think about medicare, social security, nobody says oh, that's evidence that you have got your hand out. no, that's a government program that helps to protect vulnerable people in society. >> without any proof, because it's purely speculation. you say that all the trillions of stimulus money has worked and thought economy is on the right track. okay. i mean, but, again, it's speculation. you don't know that we might not have spent a nickel and been in the same position we are now. mary katharine, you say? >> well, i think the issue is not one of big government or no government, which is -- that's how liberals often try to frame it. when, in fact, what can happen is that when you have an activist government who is doing too many things, they become corrupt. wasteful. pretty bad at helping people. it doesn't allow for innovation or new ideas frequently because the government is a pretty clumsy instrument for doing those things.
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diverting a bunch of money to the federal government which can be cronyism, corruption, awful these things is maybe not the best way to help your fellow man which is an important part of life. conservatives look at the situation and go look, tell me how you are actually helping. it tell me how these programs are actually doing the job they are supposed to be doing without wasting and misusing fun. you don't often get the answer to those questions. >> bill: juan is saying retail politics working. the stock market is doing well now. that doesn't really help the folks too much unless the businesses that are accumulating this money then reinvest and hire people which is, of course, a question of when it is not happening right now. >> i would say that if you want to encourage people to be entrepreneurs, if you want to encourage striving in this country. if you want to encourage our best and brightest. you want this. you want government that says we are trying to increase upward mobility in this society. we believe in young people. >> for our friends and our buddies. >> no, for everybody. i'm an immigrant kid latin
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america. i have got to tell you -- >> bill: this is peter cruze's argument. for the past few years i have been doing radio talking points. this year i stopped doing it. i just stopped doing it on friday because my tax burden is now so high then i had to pay agent commissions. all of that. it wasn't worth for me to do it. i can't do it not worth my time anymore. three or fewer people then didn't lose their jobs entirely but they loss a big portion of their jobs because i walked away from a situation which wasn't economically tenable anymore because the federal and state government in new york, okay, taking too much money. it's not worth me doing it anymore. and this is what i'm talking about, juan. that the giant colossus of take, take, take, from me the entrepreneur, is harming the economy and that is one small example that's irrefutable, juan. >> i think it's irrefutable in your very high level
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situation. but i think most people would look at you, bill, and say well you do your tv show, you do your wonderful book. it certainly hasn't stopped you from being an active part. >> bill: people there is going to come a time that it's not just going to be worth it anymore, juan. then a lot of people are reaching that go ahead, mary katharine. >> that's the thing, bill. many folks with fewer resources than you the decision to stop doing certain things comes a lot sooner. they are not able to do a bunch. that's what a lot of liberals miss. very seductive we are going to give everyone everything and help everyone out. great there is a cost. i feel like people like ted cruze. >> consequences of this big government. i have got 30 seconds. >> people raised by cuban immigrants understand that. >> bill: you gave me a one word answer in the beginning. i need kind of a one word answer here. conyers from the congssman from michigan 17 trillion-dollar debt is no big deal. not important. >> dick cheney said the same thing. i happen to think that we need to reign in spending. >> bill: you don't think
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conniers is right on that? >> no. >> bill: all right. good. juan williams and mary katharine ham. next on the run down sarah palin working over our pal karl rove verbally. what does brit hume think about that? later adam carolla strikes back against the huffington post implying is he a racist. jessica controversy growing in colorado. we're coming right back.
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>> bill: hume zone segment tonight. speaking at cpac on saturday, sarah palin said this. >> the last thing we need is quawgd g washington, d.c. vetting our candidates. the architect can head on back to. [ laughter ] >> head on back to the great lone star state and put their name on some ballot. >> i would say if i did run for office and win, i would
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serve out my term. i wouldn't leave office in midterm. >> bill: oh. mr. rove referring to governor palin resigning as governor of alaska in 2009. obviously no love lost there. joining us now from miami, fox news senior political analyst brit hume. first of all, you borrow that from hillary clinton's pants suit? >> this is my south beach look, bill. don't knock it. >> bill: i can see you in south beach. really, i'm going to send watters down to follow you around in south beach. >> yeah. i will introduce him to some people, bill. >> bill: yeah. just give me a call tonight about 2:00 a.m. from liquid, all right? just do that for me. >> i have no idea where that is. >> bill: we'll get you a map. palin vs. rove. now, this epit tom mizes, does it not. a split in the republican party, the tea party palin against the moderate rove. >> symbolizes whatever
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split there is. i think it's much ado about not much and here is why. these are the kinds of skirmishes that can happen in a party after a disappointing loss in a big election which is what we are looking at here. these two you will notice are not quarreling over ideas. they are -- it's not their positions on the issues vary widely. these are a position about whether karl rove should be applying his strategic knowledge to the campaign or whether that job should fall to somebody else. and in the end it doesn't really matter because the strategy and tactics of the upcoming campaign, which is still years away will be decided upon by the candidate and that candidate's team. so, you know, this is just sort of after action skirmishing i think. it may last a while. >> bill: isn't there a purity issue in the republican party now where sarah palin and some other very committed serves -- conservatives think that karl rove isn't pure enough to be a republican. he is a kel out. a watered down guy, the rhino thing.
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republican in name only. isn't that still in play? >> yeah, and that's been a feature of republican party politics for as long as i can remember. there was always this segment of the party for whom no one is conservative enough. there was a -- listen, when ronald reagan was president, the people who represented what they thought was the -- you know, the real republican wing of the republican party, often complained about him, that he wasn't conservative enough to suit them either. sarah palin, despite having bailed out of public office, still has a following in the republican party, and you know, you criticize her, you hear about it. so does karl rove, he has influence with a lot of people who are prepared to put money behind his strategic thinking and the mistake that was made here that got rove into this trouble in my judgment is that when he and his group decided they were going to try to have influence in these primaries they announced that the people who felt that rove represented the failures of the bush years and so on, that was a red flag and you are seeing the reaction to
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it. >> bill: okay. but having talked to karl rove many, many times on this program, i can tell you that he is a guy who doesn't want a conservative litmus test to limit some candidates who may be more moderate and appeal to a wider circle. he doesn't want that kind of party where i think sarah palin does want it i think republicans are are going to have to come to grips with that. >> well, they have to decide in some cases whether they're willing to settle for a candidate who has a better chance of win hog may not be as pure on a conservative. >> that's what the romney situation was all about. and romney failed. >> very bold in that. >> they are. but they are congenitally unhappy. i have been covering this stuff for decades now. there are people in the republican party and in the conservative movement who are seldom happy except with certain candidates. if those candidates get nominated and have to go on and make the compromisees that politicians make.
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they end up enhappy with them as well. this is just part of the landscape. >> as history shows the two most extreme candidates in recent times were barry goldwater and george mcgovern and both got hammered. so i think you are right. just real quickly on the ted cruze barack obama front. isn't it interesting that both of their stories revolve around, you know, a rags to riches in america the greatest nation on earth but they both see this country so differently? think really do. don't they. look at the line of work that president obama went into. you know, it was a law professor and a community organizer. and i think he was probably a liberal from the jump. and ted cruise comes out of a different political atmosphere. texas is very different from chicago he has the experience and the background of a guy who made it from scratch in the state of texas, which is -- you know low tax opportunity state. and you see the effect it's had on these two men, not
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that they wouldn't have those convictions anyway you can see it. >> bill: the nation is going to have to decide i think in the next four years what kind of country they want. because this is not going to be able to compromised. it's too big. brit hume, everybody, living large down there in miami. if you need any help, brit, call us tonight and we will help you out. directly ahead, a grizzly murder in colorado. will the woman beat the rap? there she is. big beef tonight. those reports after these messages.
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>> bill: in the impact segment tonight, shocking criminal trial in phoenix, arizona. 32-year-old jodi arias has been charged with first >> good morning across america and around the world. this is fox news special coverage of pope francis
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inauguration. it is 4:20 on the east coast, 120 on the west coast. 9:20 a.m. on an absolutely beautiful day on the eternal city. rained all day yesterday after raining all day during the conclave during the cardinals elected pope francis. today the sun is shining and row bhan mans ar-- romans are out. i am shepard smith with you for the next two or three hours as we celebrate the pope. lye now in saint peters square and the vatican. this is a regular workday in rome and across italy. the crowds came more sparsely in the early morning hours maybe than they anticipated. the papal have gathered to witness history in the installation of the new leader of the catholic church and 1.2 billion followers around the world. in the last few minutes pope francis made his way through the
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crowds outside getting on and off his jeep greeting those who gathered even kissed a baby or two. here's pictures of that. the pope mobile which we have seen in recent years is nowhere to be found today. this pope is very much a man of the people. a humble man as has been described one who likes to be out and about over the last few days. we are told he has been checking out of his own hotel room and paying for his own breakfasts. i sound like my niece. paying for his own breakfast. it is difficult for security to contain. he walks about seemingly unconcerned about his own security. in vatican city they are very concerned about it. security is extremely tight. no one has gotten through this area without going through mag tomorrow teres and being checked thoroughly. moments ago the pope went inside saint peters basilica wherer told he is dawning his vestment
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ahead of the ceremony. make no mistake he is already the pope. there is no real inauguration if you will. this is his first mass a celebration of him and his church and a hope for a bright future for all catholics in rome and in italy and certainly around the world. we have a team of correspondents and members of the faith who will be with us to help guide us through this day. mass itself is to begin six minutes from now 9:30 a.m. vatican time. it is a spectacular scene. let's listen for a moment before we join our correspondence. ♪
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>> we are going to stay out of the way of this and to the degree possible we are going to not interrupt no commercials and
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no interruptions from me. as the cardinals elected pope francis lauren was there. a spectacular day and a beautiful ceremony ahead. >> the pope is going into the tomb of saint peter. he will visit the tomb. this is the saint peter that jesus said, you are peter and on this rock i will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against my word. so the pope is now visiting the tomb of saint peter on whose tomb the church of jesus christ is actually built. will he receive his fisher's range gold plated not solid gold. he will also receive the sheep and lamb's wol wool.
1:29 am
this is again in memory of peter who jesus said to peter, hefeedy lamb. >> lauren, i know they expected hundreds of thousands of people on a workday in rome. the crowds didn't gather very early as we have been watching the last hour or so. it piers at least saint peters square is filled. >> the crowds are expected to come. you are right there are tens of thousands in saint peters square. you can tell that because the pope was going around in the open jeep greeting many of them. italian police expect a million people to fill the narrow roads. as you know they can clog up pretty easily. >> they head into confession. saint peters tomb as laura mentioned under the high altar while the trumpets will announce and tomb of saint peter together
1:30 am
with the pate a-and archbishops 10 of them in all four are cardinals. he will be presented with the cloak, the ring as lauren mentioned, the book of the gospels that were placed at saint peters tomb the night before. it is going to be an absolutely beautiful morning. one thing we know is the catholic church can put on quite a show, and as we have watched history together, i assure we will watch with you in silence and listen along. so good morning to you and yours. we are glad you are with us. now the installment and the first mass of pope francis.
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♪ ♪ >> the first mass of the inauguration of pope francis. i am shepherd smith along with father johnson morris who is with us from roam. the palium will be presented made of lamb's wool and sheep's wool they will place it on his shoulders recalling the lost shepherd who carries the sheep on his shoulders. it carries 5 crosses.
1:39 am
5 crosses the same as benedict xvi used it will be placed on his shoulders by the cardinal and after the inqucan i significance. there is a lot of symbolism. >> every archbishop receives the palium by the archbishop. pope benedict is a little different but it has the same he can act meaning. pope benedict is not only pope but it remind the faithful over and over again is the bishop of rome. he is taking very seriously that call from everything we have seen him do to sbe a real shepherd from when he has gone to the local parish in the vatican and celebrated mass to
1:40 am
sign for example at his angeles on sunday as he talks to people as if it was his local parish. >> he will receive the fisherman's ring. the fisher of man. it is the ring presented to the pope by the cardinal the first odd of bishops and it bears an image of saint peter. it was designed and the ring was in possession of the archbishop who was the 6th personal secretary and passed on to send it to pope francis through another cardinal. it is made of silver and gold. it is a michiganer man's ring rich with symbolism. >> that's right. what's surprising to all of us as we watch this is that simplicity that francis has chosen to take on in all of these symbols that are rich in
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meaning. he didn't say no i am not going to have a ring but he choose a ring much simpler than in the past. it is simpler than the cardinals in procession with him. i don't think he's saying the other capsules that stand here are more in line with the path are somehow less -- of lesser importance but he is saying i have chosen a simplicity because i believe that's what the church needs right now. the holy spirit inspired the cardinals to elect me this is my style this is who i am. >> father morris thanks. father murray is with us priest with the holy family church from new york city. ju just as beautiful as we anticipated it would be. we knew it would be a morning of great simplicity.
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watch the pope as he went over and kissed a man who was in a wheelchair and blessed this disabled man. it remind you have where the church wants to be and how the church wants to react with men and women of the faith. >> ax slutl-- absolutely. it shows not only to believers but of the whole world. charity is the essence of what christ taught us to do whatever you do to the least of my brothers that you do to me. beautiful he's kissing children, the sick, he met with people as morris mentioned he went to the parish church and the vatican of saint ann and after greeted all of the people not only those of mass but those who came to the door of the church. that's what a pastor does he gets to know his flock. >> father morris i was there for the inauguration of benedict xvi. of course here in new york city
1:43 am
when john paul ii same. it has been a long time since we have seen a pope out and about with the people in this day of terrorism and fears. i wonder how concerned vatican security is for this pope. >> i bet they are very concerned. he's the pope, at the same time. that's what he is going to do. he has chosen to be out there with the people. as the father said he came out of saint ann's church outside of the vatican he stood out there like any priest or pastor would do. greeting everyone who left the church thanking them for being there and asking for their blessing. we see that again coming to saint peter's square he choose not to be in a pope mobile shielded by bulletproof glass but in an open jeep. that's his choice. he believes that's what the church needs now. >> the mass of inauguration to
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begin now. this is fox news channel's coverage of the inauguration of pope francis across america and around the world. (speaking italian) (speaking foreign language n.)
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♪ >> the obedience we are watching now 6 cardinals the first from each border among the first to present the pope to make an act of obedience. you will note the cardinal electors already made an act of obedience in the sistine chapel at the answered of the conclave. they were able to meet the pope in the following day's audience in clem entientine hall.
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at the moment of taking possession of the cathedral of rome it is expected the act of obedience is made by representatives of various members of the people of god. in just a moment the homily. we are leaving the translation out of a lot of this as i am sure you have noticed because we think it's such a beautiful thing and the translation it feels like us would get in the way. we will have an english translation for the homily. father jonathan moore in rome it's our understanding this pope which might be expected may not stick entirely to the script. >> that's right, shep. the media was given an embargo copy of what could be his homily. they said get ready to do translation because he's known to go off-the-cuff. he will be talking about st. joseph in the universal church.
1:52 am
he will be talking i am sure about the role of joseph as protector of the church of the holy family. we will be ready to go and to the off-the-cuff translation. there's no doubt he likes to preach as a simple parish preach. he gave it of course to 100,000 people in the square. my nephew was with me. and at the end of that 15 minutes or so, he had very clear -- 13-year-old nephew with one phrase he knew what the pope was saying. god never gets tired of forgiving us sometimes we get tired of asking for for fifne - forgiveness. i bet after the homily we will have a take away as simple as that. ♪
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